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About us

UBEDA MARITIME AGENCY, S.A. It was founded in 2020 with a vision to the future, looking toward to the globalization, attending to ocean going vessels at Guatemalan ports and then expanding to all of Central America ports. We have created solid and stable relationships with port and naval authorities, national and foreing customers. working with ships owners, brockers, charterers and consignees as well.

Why you must choose our services?

  • 16 years of experience
  • Competitives rates
  • Qualified personal
  • Agilidad
  • Bio- security care (Covid19)
  • Loyalty and reliability
  • Quality in the services
  • Acceptance and trusting of our customers
  • Personalized communication with customers, suppliers and users

Our services

Customs management

Professionals specialized in customs arrangements, monitoring your procedures and giving follow up till complete operations.

Bunker supply

Arrangements and follow up of supply and delivery of fuels, lubricants and additives to the ships at port.

Fresh water supply

Arrangements of fresh wáter to the ships alongside at berth, no barge.

Nauthical charts supply

Supply, delivery of nautical charts to the ships.

Inspections to the ships

Draft survey, on hire, off hire, hatches sealing, conteo y revisión de productos.

Medical assistance

Medical services arrangements on board or transportation at hospital.

Crew Change

Crew change arrangements, crew sing on/off, lodging, meals and transportation of crew. Airport to port or viceverse. Surveyors or inspectors arrangements.

Inmigration arrangements

Guatemalan transit visa arrangements for crew sign off.

Ships assistance

Arrangements and support to assisting vessel and or cargo consignee in regards to incedent on board with cargo or ships gear.


Contacting us

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Contact information

Escuintla, Guatemala

Telephone +502 5483 9832

E-mail iubeda@umagsa.com